Copyright Notice - Usage of my photos, graphics and articles 

Photographs and graphics

In no circumstances are you allowed to use the images as advertisements to any product or service without my permission.

Web pages

You are free to use my photos as editorial illustration on your personal or commercial web pages if one of the following apply:
1) My home page URL ( is printed on the 
2) My home page URL (http:/ is mentioned in the same page where 
    my photographs appear. 3) You provide a link back to my home page on the same page where 
    my photographs appear.

    An example will be like this:
    Photo courtesy of Andres Campos.


You are free to copy my images and send them as postcards to your friends. 
Please tell them to visit my site at http:/
My photos are free for your non-commercial usage.

Written Articles

You are free to print and redistribute my writings for personal and non commercial purposes. 
Please attribute the source in such a way that the reader can find the URL of the article.
Please do not copy any of my (text) content to a your own web pages. Link to my pages instead. However if there is a need to do so (eg. due to page design and layout), please contact me for permission.
Not part of the article is to be reproduced and used for any commercial and magazine/ newspaper / CD publication without my permission.

Andres Campos, Ph.D. 

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